Testimonials & Ethics

Giving readings is a lot of fun, but I take the whole process pretty seriously.

I will always be totally up-front with you about my work, and you can feel at ease when you get a reading from me.

/// Confidentiality. All Intuitive Coaching & Spiritual Mediumship sessions are confidential.  The work we do is private, and I will always honor your privacy.

/// Honesty.  If I cannot get any intuitive information for you, I will immediately let you know.  I will always be upfront and honest about all intuitive information I receive and am always willing to answer questions about my process.

/// I do not recommend any unnecessary products or services, and of course, there are never any unexpected or hidden fees.

/// I am not a doctor, lawyer, or counselor and I do not practice medicine nor do I practice law. I do not provide counseling. If you need legal advice, medical advice, or traditional counseling, please see a professional.

/// The future is up to you. I never tell clients what to do. There is free will. I encourage clients to use their own intuitive guidance to make all decisions in their own lives. May you always follow your heart.

If you have had a session with me and would like to share your thoughts, send me an email. I’d love to hear from you. For your privacy, you do not need to provide your full name (unless you want to!).


/// “I had my first reading from Danyelle in 2014 after having a dream someone from the spirit world had a message for me. This was not my first experience with a Medium; I’ve had readings from a few others over the years. However, my reading with Danyelle was the first time anyone has ever told me so much information about people and things in my life that I felt WOW, this girl is the real deal!  Since that time I have started meeting with Danyelle on a regular basis for Intuitive Coaching & Spiritual Mediumship. These meetings help confirm whether I am moving in the right direction with my life and help me to stay focused and motivated to reach my goals. Danyelle also gives me messages from my loved ones who have crossed over which is very comforting. Her ability to connect with the spirit world is truly AMAZING!  Danyelle is one of the sweetest, most genuine and insightful people I have ever met, and I am thankful and grateful for her guidance.”   — DW

/// “I’m not the type that’s really interested in being told my future and I don’t want some psychic giving me lottery numbers lol. I like to know the energy surrounding what’s going on in my life right now because it’s that energy that creates future events and opportunities. Most of us have blocks, obstacles to remove when things don’t seem to be moving or flowing as easily as they should. Sometimes it’s a conversation with someone like Danyelle who’s intuitive and can “see” things from a different perspective that gets life flowing again. For the first time, EVER, my grandfather came through during a reading. She began describing him and nailed his physical features. I knew exactly who she was talking about. I now have a sense of peace and lightness that I didn’t have until last night. I wasn’t even consciously aware of the issue that was holding me back from certain things. As soon as she said it, it was like pieces of a puzzle all coming together and everything made sense. Danyelle is a kind, wonderful woman with a great gift and she is legit. If you would like to try to connect with a departed loved one or just a general reading get in touch with Danyelle!” — JW

/// “I have had a couple sessions with Danyelle. Every time has been a wonderful experience. The moment you meet her you will find she is a calm comforting presence to be around. She’s very kind and has a great sense of humor! You feel an old soul that is wise and gentle within her. I recommend her to my friends and family and I would to anyone who asks. I always leave a session feeling positive and refreshed! Thank you Danyelle!” -GG

*****Disclaimer: By setting up a session with me, Danyelle Simone, you understand that your future is up to you, and that I am not a doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, or licensed professional counselor. Any information given to you is not a substitute for advice from a qualified medical, financial, psychiatric, or law professional. When agreeing to receive a session [readings, intuitive coaching, spiritual advising, spiritual mediumship] from me, Danyelle Simone, you agree that information given to you is up to your [the recipient’s] interpretation. You also agree to not hold me, Danyelle Simone, liable for any actions taken based on information received during a session. Sessions [readings, intuitive coaching, spiritual advising, spiritual mediumship] are for entertainment purposes only.*****