Questions & Answers

How do you know if you are psychic?

Short answer — everyone is psychic. Psychic ability can be developed over time by anyone. It is a natural, human ability. It is instinctive, but over time we, as humans, have blocked it. Our layers of worry, logic, expectation, and judgement cloud and block the ability.

How do you know if you are really having a psychic experience?

First of all, I think skepticism is good. Without a bit of skepticism, there would be no distinction at all between ‘normal’ occurrences and extraordinary ones.

You can really identify extraordinary circumstances and psychic experiences in a few different ways.

  1. you feel like it was a psychic experience
  2. there is no way that you would have known the information you received
  3. the information you received is very specific
  4. you did not actually ‘think’ about it; it just happened or came to you

Why don’t psychics play the lottery and win?

There is not a simple answer to this question. First of all, information does not come to psychics directly. It must be interpreted by the individual. Numbers are very specific. It would require a profound, perfect interpretation to get 6 specific numbers. Interpreting intuitive information is almost like interpreting a work of art. No two answers are going to be EXACTLY the same, but they will be close. Most times that I play the lottery, I end up picking numbers that are close to the numbers that win or numbers that come out the next day or a couple days later.

Which brings me to point number 2. The energy around you that creates your life only manifests according to your beliefs. If you believe that it is not possible to have money, you don’t deserve it, or you cannot imagine what it feels like to have money, then it will not happen for you. This is free will.

Last, there are life lessons that may have to be learned and overcome prior to having money.

How are spirits able to communicate and why can’t they just tell people their whole name??

Because they are essentially in another dimension and they are telepathically using the medium’s experience to relay messages. The better the medium is at interpretation, the more accurate and concise the messages will be.  Most people dream about their loved ones after they pass, this is because while dreaming, logical filters are down and you are freely receiving information from both your subconscious mind and from spirit. Your subconscious mind is connected to spirit.