Meet Danyelle

You probably already read about me on my homepage, but in case you didn’t — I’m Danyelle, and this is my story.

My struggle was never finding my intuition; it was trusting it.

I think that is ultimately everybody’s struggle. We’re all hearing our intuition to some degree, but we don’t know if it is real, so we look outside of ourselves for answers.

My intuition always visited me, especially during quiet moments.  As a child, I would ask big questions and receive complex answers.

What is the meaning of life? 

Where do we go when we die?

How big is the universe?

I’d watch the answers play in my mind. Of course, I thought I was imagining it. Except, these answers would be accompanied by a physical feeling too. The crown of my head and my spine would tingle with warmth, and I felt safe, protected, and deeply loved. The feeling of love was so thick that it was almost tangible. Whenever I was feeling empty or alone, I would try to return to my intuition’s safety.  Although, I didn’t realize it was intuition at the time.

As I got older, my visions became more pronounced and harder to ignore or dismiss as purely imagination. I realized the people in my visions were people who had died, which scared me at first.  I sought answers about my abilities and practiced doing readings in online forums. In turn, some online “experts” gave me bad advice. I struggled with the advice I had received, until I learned to trust myself and to listen to my own intuition.

It has been exactly ten years since I started doing doing readings online (as I am typing this, it has been exactly ten years to the day, which is no coincidence). There have been many ups and downs developing these abilities, but it has been worth it.

My intuition has shown me that there is more to life than this physical world, that we can create and know our futures, and that we are all deeply loved in spirit.

My passion is teaching people how to hear their own intuition. I don’t like dealing in absolutes when it comes to spirituality — just like art, spirituality and intuition are not defined concretely. They are fluid and personal. You don’t need fancy tools for divination or labels to facilitate or validate your connection. As I see spirituality become more integrated into the mainstream, I urge all of us to connect authentically and trust the answers that we receive from within.

Giving readings and honoring my own intuition are big parts of my life, but I am also a goofball, an artist, and an art teacher. I love reading books, watching TV, and I drink way too much coffee. I’m still in my twenties, and even though I have many years of doing this work under my belt, I know that this journey never ends. I’m constantly working on my own personal growth.

With love,

Danyelle Simone