How It Started

It all started with meditation and lucid dreaming. I was in elementary school, and really wanted to learn how to meditate and lucid dream. The internet was around, but it was definitely not as connected as it is today. During my searches, I hardly found answers, and was often led to some funky website advertising “spells” written in Comic Sans MS (aka one of the ugliest fonts ever invented).  My search for answers continued and eventually culminated in me becoming fully aware of my ability to communicate with spirit and doing readings.  Unfortunately, I developed that awareness in a seedy MySpace group with thousands of members. I received some really terrible advice. That bad advice would have probably scarred me if it wasn’t for me meeting another real-life medium who helped get me back on track.  I continued my journey by developing my abilities further, reading others, and learning always.



Flash forward

lash forward to now. Everyone is connected and metaphysical stuff is in more places than ever. You can walk into the mall and get a moon-phase wallet with “vibes” written all over it.  I see great potential there. However, I also see a great potential for misinformation and a cheapening of something that should be at least a little bit sacred. Misinformation really screwed up my development in the beginning. I don’t want your development to be hindered by misinformation. That’s a large part of why I created this website, and created a Psychic Development Group on Facebook. The truth is, the information does not really come from the outside. It comes from inside of you. You hold all of the answers that you could ever seek. You just need to uncover it.

Need some practice listening to your intuition?