Reclaim your intuition, creativity, and freedom.

My name is Danyelle, and I am a psychic medium, intuitive coach,  and art teacher.

When I was in high school, I started doing psychic readings for people professionally. Since then, I have been using my ability to help people reach their highest potential and to provide comfort, hope, & healing.

I also have an understanding that this isn’t just exclusively my ability. It is your ability too. 

Everyone is psychic.

Psychic ability is really a lot like artistic ability. Some people have a natural ability and other people can get better at it with practice.

When I was studying to become an art teacher, I realized just how closely connected psychic abilities are to creativity. I realized that psychic development can be facilitated just like the creative process.

Both abilities cannot be taught in the traditional sense. You can’t formally instruct or show people how to be creative or how to be psychic.

They are abilities that you must discover within yourself.

If you aren’t sure how to do that, I can help.

I can help you:

/// Learn to hear your inner voice, your intuition.

/// Create the life you want

/// Finally feel free and unleash your creative side

/// Get real, honest understandable answers about spiritual topics