How to Find Peace When You Feel Like Giving Up


Life has a way of swallowing you whole. It has this way of just engulfing you in stress, anguish, rage, and fear. No matter how many positive affirmations you say or how much yoga you do, sometimes it doesn’t seem to shake away the feeling of stress – of disconnectedness. You’re striving, trying, and faking-it-til-you-make-it. You know that you’re here for something, but you don’t know how to get there.

You’re fighting the universe for a solution. Wondering when it’s finally all going to click into place, and you can be happy.

The solution is to actually let go and to be happy in the present moment. Your happiness is not dependent upon the outside. It only depends on your reaction to the outside.

The paradox is, when you feel happy and let go of striving – you get what you want.

Whenever you struggle and strive, you just stay stuck. So, let your strangle-hold on life just dissolve. Your grip on the circumstances of your life is too tight to leave room for growth, change, and positive outcomes.

When you feel like you can’t do it anymore, just give your worries to a higher power.

Give them up, and then have the faith that it will work out for your best interests. You don’t need to monitor the changes or watch and wait. Just enjoy your life and laugh. Your joy is your life-saver. That’s what you need to hold onto.

Be happy to let go because where you’re going is bigger and better than you could have imagined.

Infinite blessings, peace, abundance, and every good thing….ever! you.


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