How to Overcome Darkness and Fear

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There is power in your light. There is power in positivity. We are here, on Earth, to overcome fear and hatred. But how can we do that?

Looking at the universe, it is easy to see it as a dichotomy: of lightness and darkness. It’s like the age-old battle of good versus evil. Most religions, movies, and stories have a good versus evil theme. It’s as ancient as our bloodlines.

However, whenever anything is divided into a dichotomy, fear and separation develop.  One side is pitted against the other.

The universe is one. There cannot be separation and oneness at the same time. It is not possible. Separation is the opposite of oneness. That means, there is no dichotomy at all.

As lightworkers, we cannot shun the negative attributes of ourselves or the universe. We have to fully embrace the dark parts and bring light to them. The dark does not heal unless we understand it, grow from it, and bring it light.

Do not fear your own darkness. You are here to overcome it.

The dark parts are the shadow self. Accept it, love it, bring light to it, and you will heal it. The same is true with all the darkness  in other people.

We cannot quell hatred with more hate. Likewise, we cannot stop our own darkness with fear and separation. Fear and separation are darkness.

Love embraces all.