How to Get Over Doubting Everything

Girl Doubt

Nobody wants to feel doubt. It takes many forms. You could doubt your worth. You could doubt that a positive event will work out for you. You could doubt that people care about you. You can doubt your safety. I know you get the drift.

Do you doubt anything right now?

I certainly have been doubting a lot, myself, recently. My own incessant doubting got me to thinking about how wherever there is doubt, you obviously need to direct some faith. When you doubt, you run counter to faith. You’re going against the grain of the life that is intended for you, and you’re going against your very own spirit. You end up struggling.

It’s kind of like when a kid is being stubborn. When a kid is in a stubborn, negative mood, you can offer him the most delicious piece of cake ever, but he will turn the other way.

You are being offered the most amazing pieces of cake by the universe: jobs, money, love, health, etc. Except, whenever you doubt, you are effectively turning the other cheek. You’re putting up a blockage between yourself, and whatever you really want.

You aren’t being realistic when you doubt.

Instead, you are going against everything you are supposed to be.

You are going against your spirit, God, the universe.

Overcome Doubt

To overcome doubt, you have to restore your faith. Whenever I say faith, what I mean is the trust in the flow of life – trust within the great spirit that unites everything. That’s what you’ve gotta trust.

Doubt can be a compass. It can point you to where your faith is needed. Instead of reflecting on what you doubt, inject your faith there. Imagine what you hope for, and then, release it to the universe. You need to allow the universe to do its thing.

Only hold the positive outcome in your mind.

Whenever you feel doubt creeping in again, think of your faith. Think of what you want. Meditate on it.

Let. It. Go.