Are You Having Psychic Experiences?

Am I Psychic

You have probably felt uneasy in an old house, known someone was a creep (before you realized they’re actually a creep), or predicted a specific event before it happened. Maybe you have even had a vivid dream of the future.

Those are all psychic experiences.

However, most people think it is only their imagination. Sometimes, it is just imagination, but most of the time, it is your intuition. Psychic experiences are often subtle and easy to ignore.

If you want to begin listening to your intuition, you have to learn its language. You have to carefully sort through your thoughts to figure out which thoughts are regular thoughts and intuitive impulses.

Here are a few steps to differentiating logic and psychic experiences:

  1. It feels like you didn’t have to think about it first.  If it feels kind of like you could have thought of it, but the idea, thought, feeling, or vision came out of nowhere, it is probably your intuitive mind. If you had to actually :think: about it at length, it is coming from your logical mind, not your intuitive mind. The line between logic and intuition is very thin, so you have to carefully consider everything that pops into your mind. It is not an obvious division and the two can overlap.
  2. The thought, vision, experience, dream, etc. was oddly specific. Knowing, seeing, or experiencing specific information that you haven’t thought about before is a huge key that your intuition is talking, not your logical mind. For example, if you are driving down an unfamiliar road, and the numbers 2 5 8 4 pop into your mind. Then, minutes later, a car pulls in front of you with that license plate number. You are having a psychic experience. Specifics that you couldn’t have known are some of the most amazing, irrefutable psychic experiences to have.
  3. You had a feeling, vision, or dream that came true. If you had a feeling something was going to happen, and it did, it is likely you are having a psychic experience. People are able to look for patterns, make inferences, and predict events in a very logical way. However, if you are aware of an event that doesn’t make sense to you, before it happens, that is a giveaway that you are having a psychic experience. The key is, you didn’t think about it first, and you didn’t make a prediction based on previous knowledge.
  4. You saw something with your own eyes. Seeing is usually believing, but so many people have seen and do not believe. Maybe you saw a ghost or light around you. Maybe you saw an object move on its own. Of course, you can question what you saw. You should explore all logical possibilities first. If those fail, then it is likely a psychic experience.
  5. You just “knew” no words, visions, or feelings are attached – just a knowing. That knowing, also called claircognizance is a psychic experience. A good example is how moms just “know” when their children are in trouble. You can call it mother’s intuition, or whatever you’d like. It is psychic. Spiritual energy is abstract. It is not easily categorized. Information can sometimes be inexplicable and hard to describe. It only consists of a sense of knowing.

Have you ever had a paranormal, psychic, or unexplainable experience? If so, comment with it below.


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  1. Yes ~ I dreamed playing with two of my sibling’s children. Playing with them as balls of light before they were born. I knew of the first pregnancy, had the dream, it was a girl as per the ball of light. Two years later, I dreamed the exact same dream with a ball of light I knew was a boy … two weeks later my sibling was pregnant … nine months later my nephew arrived. Still shocks me ~ my bigger question is, where does this information come from ? Especially if we don’t believe in ‘guides’ or ‘angels’ or beings from another realm. Does the universe conspire to create a pile of information molecules and sift them into our ears during our dreams ?!! (LOL)

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