Reading for June 29 – July 7th


Even though it is summer, for me, this past week has been really stressful.  I hope you aren’t as stressed as I have been! If you are, you’ve got some good news for next week. You can more than just “make it through”, you can totally thrive. To all of my American friends, have a happy Fourth of July!

Card #1 – Hope

The meaning of this card is obvious, but it is worth contemplating. If you are feeling down or like you have worked hard, but aren’t getting the results – this is a reminder to have hope. When you are working really hard and struggling, you are going against the grain. Having hope and faith is what opens the door for God, spirit, (or whatever you feel comfortable calling it) to come in and help you.

People always talk about hope and dreaming not accomplishing anything, but sometimes they do. Sometimes, you’re putting in the work, but don’t have hope that it is going to pay off. Whether it is a workout plan, a job, school, or even a relationship, just know that your vision for the future is on its way because you have created it. Have hope that it will all pay off, and God will take over. Put your ideas, stresses, and work onto the wings of hope and watch them take off.

Card #2 – Duality

Like the moon, there is a dark and light side to everything. Whenever I teach a student how to draw, I often talk about how, if there were no shadows or highlights, objects would just look flat. You really need to have both to give the object dimension. That’s how life is too. You learn from the sadness, depression, and fear. You come through it shining. So, whatever you are going through, remember to look at the positive and the negative aspects. Ask yourself, “What is this teaching me?” Consider its lessons a gift. The dark helps you understand the light. Then, after considering how you have grown, you can decide to stay, move on, or redirect your actions.