Reading for May 18th – 25th

Consistency is key, ya know. I totally took way longer than expected to publish this reading. So sorry, everyone! I’m definitely working on getting the consistency thing down 😉 For everyone that commented and picked a card, I am going to pick a winner for a free email reading. Hopefully, that makes up a tiny bit for my late post. In the future, I think I am occasionally going to pick a random email winner even when I am on time with my post.

For the readings – this week has been jam-packed full of chaos. Chaos is positive sometimes. It wakes us up and shakes us out of our normal routine, and believe me, that is totally a good thing in the long run. Right now it may be painful or stressful, but allow yourself to just surrender and let go.

Card 1


Coming Apart – If you picked card number 1, you may be feeling some dissonance between the life you are living and the life you are imagining. What that means is that the life you are currently living is starting to feel slightly uncomfortable as your goals and aspirations grow. You may be tired of the status quo. That’s quite alright, you’re moving on. This is the first step to realizing positive changes. You are at the molting stage. The stage where you are about to shed your skin. You’re almost there! If you picked this card, you’re probably going to be making some big decisions in the next two weeks. If you are, make sure your choices match your heart’s desires.

Card 2


Dragon’s Lair – If you picked card number two, your fears are exaggerated right now. If you are feeling afraid or worried about a practical issue, such as a financial issue, your fears are worse than the reality. You’re creating monsters in your mind where there are none. As the old saying goes, “you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.” Instead, deal with things step-by-step. Chunk big activities or sources of worry into smaller, manageable tasks. With a very small amount of planning in advance, you can take a deep breath, and finally realize that things are not as bad as they seem. You are, in fact, powerful enough to deal with everything life throws your way.

These cards are Colette Baron-Reid’s The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards