Reading for the week of April 19th

I have been posting readings on and off for the past few months, and I hope you like them as much as I like writing them. Although this is a more general reading, my hope is that it can provide some insight for you.

Card 1 – Gifting

Life is a gift, so enjoy every moment. If you chose this card, you need to remember that life is not all about big events. Life is about those little, insignificant moments. Waiting in the car for the light to turn green, waiting on the water to boil, walking from place to place.

Taking that bite of food.

Catching that song on the radio.

Glancing at the stranger in walking through the door.

That is where you life is, and it is precious.

This is a reminder to stop ‘waiting’ and start living while you wait.

This card also means that you need to expect good things. Expect that life will give you what you need. God feeds the birds; God will take care of you.

Card 2 – Avarice upside-down

Avarice technically means greed, but not in this case!

In this case, it is upside-down. It means keep it simple and get grounded. You will feel more stable and secure this month. This card is also encouraging you to go out and enjoy nature. Go hiking, fishing, loosen up and enjoy it!

While possessions may distract us from nature, nature is something that belongs to all of us. The birds singing, the sun shining, the ocean breeze – nature has many gifts to offer you. Don’t lose your connection to it.

When we are around it, we can feel the calmness deep in our bones, so go take in that healing energy of Mother Earth. You need it.