Keeping it Sacred

zen rocks

So, I was on Instagram a few days ago, and saw a shirt that said “Zen as F*ck”..

If you know me personally, you probably know that I have a serious potty mouth and a pretty good sense of humor, but I had a problem with this shirt. It really made me think about how the more spiritual topics get labeled, the more people move away from truth. It becomes a meaningless expression of ego.

The pressures of social media are real and they can negatively impact your personal spiritual practice.

On social media, certain spiritual words that were once meaningful become common-place and lose their meaning.

On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. there are tons of artfully arranged pictures of spiritual tools, books, nature, yoga and food. Of course, the sharing of information and beauty is such a blessing! It is an amazing tool, and you can learn so much.

But eventually, the further you go down the path of objectification, the more detached you become from true purpose and authenticity.  It’s kind of like when you overuse the word “love” and it becomes less meaningful. Do you really “love” nachos as much as you “love” your family?

Was documenting that yoga pose and posting it on Instagram more important than being in the present moment, breathing, and experiencing yoga?

Does talking about calling on specific archangel’s powers in the same way a kid talks about Pokemon characters cheapen the healing, the experience, the idea of angelic beings?

Okay, you get the idea. The more we label, the less we experience, the more we objectify.

Keeping Life and Spirituality Sacred

In this new age, we have to take care to preserve the sacred. To connect with truth. To keep the meaning in our lives. Or else, we will become empty.

Spirituality is about searching within yourself, finding your own truth, and connecting to the divine. How you do this is personal and special.

Treasure your thoughts, feelings, and connections to the divine in your heart first. You don’t need to label your experience, you need to treasure it.

Documenting a spiritual experience on social media is different than having one. Disconnection from technology is becoming more important because labeling and sharing doesn’t take the place of actually experiencing something.

Part of spirituality is personal growth. You need your experiences to grow. You need to process your experiences to transform.  In order to really experience, you must be in the present moment. Social media often steals the present moment. You begin scrolling through Facebook posts and all of a sudden, it’s 3 hours later and your life is gone. You’re taking it all in, just to avoid the moment. Not only is the moment gone, but overshared posts make once meaningful quotes, practices, and ideas cliche.

Challenge yourself to be in the moment. Challenge yourself to meditate, pray, connect however you can. Be present with your actions instead of filling up moments with mindless browsing and labeling.

Instead of reaching for your camera to document the moment, just live it.

Instead of Tweeting your thought, just think it.

Instead of labeling your spiritual experience, just learn from it.

And above all, keep your connection to spirit sacred. Experience is why you are here, and experience is how you grow.