Reading for March 16th

Here is your reading for this week. Of course, these readings are more general, but often, even general readings contain information that we need to hear.


If you picked card #1 – Nostalgia

The past is always bittersweet.Thinking about how much things have changed can also be a painful realization. Reflecting on happy memories of people who are no longer on this Earth can be sad. There were hard lessons that you have had to overcome, too. Instead of looking backwards, realize that years later, you will be looking back on RIGHT NOW. That means, make the most of your present moment. Really live it fully. Look around you at all of the details, love and appreciate your friends and family, and enjoy your life. Life is made up of a series of present moments. The present moment is what you really have, and it can be so joyful when you’re grateful. The present holds just as many treasures as the past, if not even more.

If you picked card #2 – Competition

Don’t worry about what other people are doing or how they live their lives. It is okay to be you. When you are your most authentic self, all the layers of anger, jealous, and fear are stripped away. Let the real you be exposed to the world. The truth shines brighter than any mask. When you live as your best self, nothing and no one can touch you. You do not need to be better than others. You just need to be yourself. You were not created to be an imitation. Don’t pollute the present with envy, greed, or fear. Embrace your talents, and relax. You do not need anyone’s permission or approval either. The flip side of competition, is looking around, seeing everyone else, and thinking you don’t compare, so why try? You absolutely should try, and do what your heart desires! Start today.