How to Give Better Card Readings


If you have ever purchased a deck of tarot cards or oracle cards, you have probably wondered how to get really specific information. Some readers seem to read the cards verbatim, and other readers seem to be able to get names, specific dates, professions, and descriptions based on their card readings. Here are some tips to help improve your card readings, and get more specific information to come through.

Good Intentions

Before you begin any intuitive process, it is good to start out on a positive note.  If your intentions are to look for negative events or your primary state is fear, you are going to get out what you put into it – negativity.  Ask for divine protection, and come from a place of love and wanting to genuinely help the person you are reading for or yourself if you are reading for yourself.  If you have good intentions, you will give a good reading centered on love & healing. The purpose of all readings should be ultimately on love, growth, and healing.

Oracle vs Tarot

To me, there is not a major difference between oracle decks or tarot decks.  I think that you could put any image on a card, and it could be used for readings.  It’s just like interpreting a work of art. The main difference is that all tarot decks typically have the same cards and card meanings. They have been around for hundreds of years. The imagery can vary from deck to deck, but the overall concept is usually the same. There are some people who are very dedicated to studying the symbolism in the tarot.

An oracle deck could consist of any image or be based on any concept. Usually, there are words or a message written on the oracle deck.  Oracle decks are not as traditional as tarot. They are often more positive than tarot. Some of the symbolism in tarot can be jarring if you are not prepared for it.

Find a Deck that Resonates With You

Find a card deck that resonates with you. I suggest browsing the internet and finding a deck that really suits you. Find a deck that seems positive and beautiful that you would like to work with. If you have negative preconceived ideas about tarot, do not get a tarot deck. It is only a matter of personal choice. Just make sure the imagery feels comfortable and pleasing to you.

Let it Flow

When you begin reading with the deck, you may want to look at the reference book that comes with it. That is okay, especially at first.  Although, develop your own meanings.  Pay attention to what pops into your mind when you look at a card. Interpret it your own way.

For example, if a card has a picture of a rainstorm on it, and the meaning in the book says “depression” but the card actually reminds you of a happy childhood memory – go with that. It may mean nostalgia or something associated with that memory.  If you’re reading for someone else and you pull the rainstorm card, ask yourself, “Do I feel it means depress like the book says, or does it have to do with nostalgia..or do I feel it means something entirely different for this person?”

You will get a feeling on how the card should be interpreted. Go with what you’re getting. Trust it. You’ll be surprised how often your own interpretations are right.

As you use the deck more and as you learn to trust what is coming through, more specific information will pop into your mind.

Ultimately, the cards are just a tool. The real process is inside of you. The real answers come from your own intuition.