Re-empowering I AM – Getting What You Want


I AM: is probably the number one phrase talked about in the New Age community, and periodically posted all over my Facebook news feed.  It is talked about because affirmations, or positive reinforcing, statements, are supposed to attract things and ways of being into our lives.  We are so busy becoming what we feel we are not that, perhaps we are not empowering the phrase: I AM.  It has almost become a cliche.   Really, Who am I? More importantly, who are you?

It is time to remind ourselves of what I AM really means. How can we ‘become’ who we want to be and ‘attract’ what we do not have?

1. Believe It

It is true that what you say, after you say “I AM” is a powerful affirmation. But the mistake that I make, and the mistake other people make when they’re trying to use the phrase “I AM” to create their reality is that they do not believe what they’re saying.  I would never tell someone to stop using affirmations. You really need to feel that the affirmation is true otherwise you are just affirming lack. It is all about how you feel when you say it.  One way to start believing it is to focus on what you love already, which leads to step 2.

2. Love What You Have & Who You Are

You will never attract or become what you are wanting if you are always feeling the lack of it.  For example, If I want lots of money and start saying I AM prosperous, but I FEEL out of sync with money and I’m feeling really bad, that affirmation is not always going to make me feel better. In fact, sometimes saying it makes me feel less prosperous. If I want to feel prosperous and like I have money already, I will get centered, and start shining up the possessions that I already have.  If I want to feel healthy, I will focus on what I am doing that feels healthy. Feel Gratitude. You are cultivating a positive feeling, you are essentially becoming one with that positive feeling.

3. Get Centered in the Flow

Life is fluid.  Everything is fluctuating and changing all of the time. When you are centered, you can sort of ‘catch the wave’ of feeling good, and life flows in a good way.  Being centered just means quieting your negative thoughts, and feeling peaceful.  When you are centered, you can look at things with new, fresh eyes.  You won’t see everything through the lens of your doubts or fears. Centering helps you appreciate life and feel good.  It allows you to be in the flow of happiness and joy.

4. Make Better Choices

If you are centered, you can also begin making better choices for yourself.  Since every moment isn’t clouded by fear and doubt, you will be able to choose from a place of peace.  You will pick things and activities that make you feel great.  For example, if I am believing and feeling that I am happy and healthy, I will probably wake up and make myself a green juice instead of downing 3 cups of coffee. All of these concepts work together, and making better choices is the action part. It is the part that really pulls what you are ‘attracting’ further into reality. Because, it is real.

5. Have Faith

Last, have faith in something greater than yourself. Give it to God, or a higher power of your liking.  Our world is set up for fear, doubt, and negativity. Just watch the news or take a look at some advertisements and you probably will start feeling not-so-good anymore.  But when you believe that you have divine support, you are less likely to fall victim to those feelings and more likely to pull out of them quickly.

One last note: You can bring more happiness, peace, and joy into the world simply by anchoring that energy and being an example.  When you operate from peace, peace becomes you, and people around you will feel it.

I hope that you are FEELING great, peaceful, and happy, and that you are what you already are. 😉