Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

True wellness occurs on all levels and considers all aspects of a person.  Wellness doesn’t just mean ‘not sick’. It means a healthy, nourished body, a happy nourished spirit, and a person being fulfilled on all levels.


Wellness is a trend these days. Articles tell us to take this or eat that and everyone seems to have their hands into alternative healing modalities. This is actually a cool thing because it sparks interest in the healing power of nature.  However, it kind of misses the entire point of Holistic Healing, and that is really not a good thing because incorporating only one aspect will only get you so far.

The word “holistic” has become loaded down with different meanings. What it really means is that you consider all aspects of a person as a whole.

Physical Self – the condition of the body

Lifestyle (directly related to Physical Self) – diet, exercise, habits

Mental/Emotional Self – thought patterns, feelings, psychology

Spiritual Self – faith, ideas on life purpose and life cycle

Physical Self & Lifestyle

Diet for Life- Diet is the foundation that you build your health upon. It is imperative you consider your diet when you want to get better. Eating mostly fresh alkaline, organic foods helps nourish the body and may help reduce chronic inflammation.  Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables provides the body with antioxidants and fiber. Fiber helps bind to toxins in the bowel and prevent them from being reabsorbed.  Antioxidants help mop up free radicals and have a role in cancer prevention. Avoiding genetically modified foods and buying minimally processed organic foods is best.  In addition, consuming foods with a low glycemic index is helpful (not too much sugar)

Herbal Medicine & Dietary Supplements have the ability to nourish bodily systems back to a balanced state and to cleanse the body of toxins. Vitamins and Minerals have the ability to provide the body with everything it needs so it can do what it does best – heal.

In fact, vitamins and minerals are essential for our bodies and our health. We wouldn’t be able to function for long without adequate amounts of them.  I consider herbal medicine and supplementing with vitamins and minerals to be just as necessary as eating the right foods.

Exercise- The body must be strengthened using physical means such as exercise. Without exercise the body becomes stagnant and in turn, so does the lymphatic system. Exercise has been shown to improve mood and increase stamina. It is an essential part of healing.

Sleep! Enough sleep is 100% essential for the body to rest, repair, and recover. Dreaming while asleep has also been shown to help reduce negative feelings while awake.  Sleep and dream away.  I don’t think anyone can argue with that.

Reducing exposure to toxins such as pollutants (including cigarette smoke), xenoestrogens found in plastics and dairy products, impure water, heavy metals, chemicals contained in cosmetics and personal care products, etc. Toxins lead to body burden which taxes the liver. A taxed liver is the root of many health challenges.


Essential Oils used externally, have antimicrobial properties. They are able to relax muscles as well as the nervous system. Some high quality essential oils, taken internally in capsules, have additional healing properties.

Juicing helps ensure that the body is getting enough nutrients.  Juicing takes the fiber out of fruits and vegetables so that the body can immediately absorb nutrients with minimal effort.  It is also a way to include more green alkalizing foods and super foods in your diet everyday.


The Mental/Emotional Self

If a person is not comfortable making positive, healthful changes in his or her life, he or she will have trouble moving forward with those changes.

Chronic stress is a detriment to a person’s health and well being. Chronic stress means that your body is constantly in fight or flight mode, which burns out your adrenal glands and causes endocrine imbalance.

Reduce stress and do more of what makes you happy!

Tips for stress reduction:

  • Incorporate methods listed above for the physical self such as exercise, eating a healthful diet, etc (already, see the connectedness?)
  • When used aromatically, essential oils have been shown to help release emotional blockages, may help reduce stress, and may help uplift mood.
  • Certain herbal/vitamin combinations such as Nutricalm can help promote a relaxed state.
  • When in doubt, breathe deeply.
  • Spend time with positive friends and family.
  • Get away into nature.
  • Evaluate your goals. If you don’t have goals, create some!

The Spiritual Self

For this category, I’m not telling you exactly what to believe; I’m telling you to believe in something greater than yourself. I’m telling you to examine the human spirit, the human experience, and spend some quiet time reflecting on what matters most to you.


Meditation is a universal practice that people of all faiths can practice. To meditate, simply clear your mind and focus upon a saying, mantra, prayer, nature sounds, or your breath.

Simple contemplation and spending some quiet time alone in nature, reflecting is good for the soul.

Final Thoughts

Change doesn’t have to happen all at once.  Incorporating healthy changes can happen one step at a time. Always remember, that you are capable of positive change.

xo Danyelle