Letting Go of Identity

Let go of your identity and discover who you really are.


Are you guilty of identifying so much with something that it became a detriment to you?

I am. I was an ‘artist’.  In fact, I thought I was the best preteen art prodigy in the world.

I decided that I wanted to go to school to teach art when I was a 13-year-old kid holding onto my drawing pencils for dear life.  I was really depressed and I treasured my “identity” as an artist.  I had positive reinforcement for my artwork, which in turn, made me feel good about who I was for just a few seconds.

When I thought about what I wanted for my future, being an art teacher seemed like a fun way to make a living.  Then, I got down to thinking: how exactly would I feel if a student was better than me?

Back when I was a teenager, I identified with being an ‘artist’ so much that I would’ve hated if someone was better at painting.

Now, I am so filled with joy when a student is great at what they do. I want them to be better than me.

How did become okay with not being ‘the best’ or ‘the artist’?

Well, I became okay with just being myself. I stopped fearing.

Rethinking Identity

Rethinking my identity freed me. Identity ultimately means nothing. It is not who you really are. It is a facade – it is ego. The soul inside you is who you really are. Your spirit is radiant. Never limit it with a worldly ‘identity’. It’s okay to feel strongly about something and to like something a lot, but if you hold onto something so tightly that it becomes who you are – you have completely missed the point.  You are choking your radiant spirit and using that thing that you identify with so much to cover up your light. Identity is only a crutch.  It is always fragile and will indefinitely crumble when you feel challenged by life or by others.

Instead, know that who you are is infinite and wonderful. Be comfortable with who you are inside, and the outside will never need a label.

Living from the Heart 

Living from the heart is recognizing each person as an individual with a unique story and coming from a place of compassion. Compassion, which is rooted in love, wipes away judgement and leaves only a desire to help, heal, and comfort.  Love always dissolve the delusions of ego (identity, being one of them).

When you live from a place of love and compassion. You are kind to yourself as well as others and have the freedom to express who you really are without fear of competition, judgement, or failure. Love is ultimately the root of real confidence.  Identity is only rooted in fear.

Take care, love who you really are,