Finding Happiness and Purpose

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There is a line in the movie The Secret that has been floating around in my mind recently.  It goes something like “Sometimes you meet people who claim to be spiritual, but they’re sick and broke all of the time! That’s not spiritual!”

There is a lot of truth within that quote.

You were not put on Earth to be sick, broke, and unhappy.  You were put on Earth to share your God-given gifts. Whenever you deviate from your purpose or your thoughts become centered on scarcity, your body and your finances respond pretty powerfully.. and not in a good way!

True spirituality is about going with the flow of life, honoring your dreams and yourself, sharing your gifts, and never doubting God and the universe’s power to take care of you.

So what are your gifts?

Maybe you are an amazing singer and dancer but you are stuck at your finance job because you want to play it safe.

Maybe you have the potential to be an amazing teacher, but you are too busy working as a night-shift nurse.

What gifts have you neglected?  What is your life purpose?

What would it take for you to stop and re-evaluate what you are doing with your life?

Really, ask yourself that question.

Often, negative events such as illness and accidents are there to transform our lives in ways that re-align us with our purpose.  If we continue to not honor our purpose and think negative thoughts, then the negative events continue.

For example, I always get sick at really inconvenient times.  Every one of those times I was completely ignoring my purpose. It’s like, if I don’t stop what I am doing and put my concentration on my goals, my body says “No way, stop right there! You are not going any further until you think about what you are suppose to be doing!”

Before poverty and illness manifest in your life, evaluate how you are living and what you are thinking.

Last, have faith!

The world gives you what you believe you deserve and what you are asking for, so stop putting limitations around your dreams.  Life has the potential to work in strange, seemingly orchestrated ways. Events can play out in ways that you would not think are possible.  So stop saying to yourself, “I can’t go back to school because I don’t have enough money” or “I can’t find another job because the economy is bad”

If going back to school is aligned with your purpose, you will most likely be at the right place at the right time and find a scholarship.

If getting a new job is aligned with your gifts and your purpose, you will find that job despite the state of the economy.

If you do not believe it is possible, you will never find the resources necessary to make your dreams a reality and to fulfill your purpose.

Remember that your gifts belong to the world. It is your responsibility to share them. 

Like the quote above says, Respect yourself enough to get rid of the things in your life that do not align with your dreams and your purpose!