3 Steps to Overcoming Fear


So, imagine everyone has a beaming light inside of them.  This light is a connection to infinity, God, divinity, spirit, source, whatever you’d like to call it.  But really, above all, this light is a connection to love and oneness.

Your connection to this light influences how events work out for you.  If you are connected, it puts you in a state of happiness and you feel like everything works out just right.  That connection also allows you to function as a vessel FOR that light, and bring happiness to others.

What has the ability to smother that light?


Fear separates us from others.  It separates us from love.  It smothers and conceals good, and creates ultimate discord in our lives.

Ever have one of those days when you feel like everything goes wrong?  Maybe you hate your job. Maybe you feel unhealthy. Maybe you feel like you are in competition with somebody else.  Perhaps you get in a fight with somebody you love.

That is all fear.

Fear casts a negative shadow over our lives and divorces us from all of our good, happiness, and wellness.

We are not put in this world to perpetuate that cycle.  We are only put in this world to share our good and love each other.

I ask myself all the time: when did the simplicity of that become so convoluted?

And if I am in a state of fear and feeling out of the flow, how can I get back to feeling okay?

How can we get back to that light and start feeling good again?

1. Self-love, Self-care, and Self-respect

Respect yourself and love yourself by practicing self-care. Fear can take hold if we are feeling bad about who we are. How can we feel good and spread goodness if we feel awful about who we are?  If we feel bad about who we are, we are feeling separate, we are allowing doubt and ego to take over. The trick is, when we start to feel this way, we need to recognize that EGO and FEAR are the source. There are so many ways to feel good about who you are and to practice self-care!

  • Eating whole foods
  • Exercising
  • Practice gratitude for what you have
  • Read a good book
  • Play with a pet
  • Write in a journal
  • Take a nice, hot shower
  • Only schedule things that feel good and life-affirming (don’t over commit to things!)

2. Trust and have Faith

There is a force of good and love that is greater than us. When we are one with that spirit, we can achieve great things, and we can also spread that love.  There is a spiritual support system in existence that is infallible. Trust in that source, and have faith. Meditate and pray on that, and you will uncover the blanket of fear and find the courage to persist. There is support in oneness, however, not in separation.  Life is always for the greater good.

3. Live your Purpose

There are certain activities that inspire us. It could be anything big or small, but whatever it is: do more of it!  That is your good.  Don’t ever question it or stop. Doubt is fear, inspiration is love. When you feel inspired, just move forward.


Feel good, do good, be love.