How It Works

What to Expect

Intuitive Coaching

When you sit down to a session with me, I will ask you which general area of your life you would like me to focus on the most: love, finances, career, etc.

Then, I will tell you my intuitive impressions, thoughts, and feelings about the past, present, and future. My intuitive impressions focus on:

// helping you identify & work toward personal goals

// providing a picture of what is likely to happen based on current circumstances, energy, and thought-patterns

// how to help you get over your personal hang-ups that are preventing you from living the life you want

The future is up to you. You create your future, but I can tell you where you’re headed. There are multiple paths the future can take, but some are more likely than others. I can help you get on the most positive path. For my Intuitive Coaching sessions, I do use unique, abstract color cards. The cards are not necessary, but help me focus and relay information more quickly.

Spiritual Mediumship

The process for a Spiritual Mediumship session is different. I receive impressions from spirit, and relay those impressions to you. Often, spirits will provide information that validates that they are coming through. In order to focus, I use automatic drawing, which is just scribbling on a piece of paper. These sessions strongly focus on love and healing.

During any session, if I feel I am not making a proper connection with you, I let you know, and of course, there is no charge.

My Process

The way information comes through is not entirely straight forward. It feels like another language, and I am an interpreter having to relay messages. The information comes through images, feelings, words, and impressions that pop into my mind. Those images are then interpreted and relayed to you.

My strongest psychic sense is clairvoyance, or “clear seeing”.  I see images in my mind’s eye.  The images can be symbolic or can be literal. The words, feelings, and impressions I receive are interpreted in a similar way.

This information can be about your past, present, or future. I also receive information from spirit in this way. The tools that I use are automatic drawing and abstract color cards. The tools are not necessary, but they do help me focus and allow information to flow more quickly. The information is still coming through my impressions and my intuition.

How to Prepare for a Reading

All you have to do is show up and relax! It helps to release expectations, and to come with a list of questions you’d like to ask.

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