• Danyelle Simone

    Intuitive Coach + Spiritual Medium

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  • Testimonial

    Danyelle is amazing!!! Readings are always accurate and she is very caring and personable…she is truly gifted.

    - KE (psychic)

  • Testimonial

    This was not my first experience with a Medium; I’ve had readings from a few others over the years. However, my reading with Danyelle was the first time anyone has ever told me so much information about people and things in my life that I felt WOW, this girl is the real deal!

    - DW (creative entrepreneur)

  • Testimonial

    “I have had a couple sessions with Danyelle. Every time has been a wonderful experience. The moment you meet her you will find she is a calm comforting presence to be around. She’s very kind and has a great sense of humor! You feel an old soul that is wise and gentle within her. I recommend her to my friends and family and I would to anyone who asks. I always leave a session feeling positive and refreshed!

    - GG

  • Testimonial

    For the first time, EVER, my grandfather came through during a reading. She began describing him and nailed his physical features. I knew exactly who she was talking about. I now have a sense of peace and lightness that I didn’t have until last night. I wasn’t even consciously aware of the issue that was holding me back from certain things. As soon as she said it, it was like pieces of a puzzle all coming together and everything made sense. 

    - JW (Reiki Master)

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