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Hi, I'm Danyelle


I am a Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach.
My readings focus on providing life direction, hope, and healing.
Both psychic readings and spirituality have always a part of my life. I have been doing psychic readings for ten years, and I was just sixteen when I started doing readings for strangers all over the world.

In addition to doing readings, I have an interest in teaching and alternative forms of healing. I’m a full time Art Educator and am also an Advanced Reiki Practitioner. I incorporate creativity, teaching, and healing into my readings.

Giving and receiving readings can be a lot of fun! But, I also want you to know that I take giving readings pretty seriously. I think it is a privilege to share this gift with you.

My readings are confidential. If you ask me something and Spirit does not give me a clear answer -- I tell you that I don’t know. When we begin our session, if I feel I can’t make a strong psychic connection with you, I let you know immediately -- and send you away free of charge.

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Hi guys, I made a video earlier explaining what intuition is and why we should focus on it. I am happy to share it with you and plan to share many more in the coming months. If you’re a YouTube kinda person, please like and subscribe to my channel. Lots of love, -Danyelle


  • Testimonial

    Danyelle is amazing!!! Readings are always accurate and she is very caring and personable…she is truly gifted.

    - KE (psychic)

  • Testimonial

    This was not my first experience with a Medium; I’ve had readings from a few others over the years. However, my reading with Danyelle was the first time anyone has ever told me so much information about people and things in my life that I felt WOW, this girl is the real deal!

    - DW (creative entrepreneur)

  • Testimonial

    “I have had a couple sessions with Danyelle. Every time has been a wonderful experience. The moment you meet her you will find she is a calm comforting presence to be around. She’s very kind and has a great sense of humor! You feel an old soul that is wise and gentle within her. I recommend her to my friends and family and I would to anyone who asks. I always leave a session feeling positive and refreshed!

    - GG

  • Testimonial

    For the first time, EVER, my grandfather came through during a reading. She began describing him and nailed his physical features. I knew exactly who she was talking about. I now have a sense of peace and lightness that I didn’t have until last night. I wasn’t even consciously aware of the issue that was holding me back from certain things. As soon as she said it, it was like pieces of a puzzle all coming together and everything made sense. 

    - JW (Reiki Master)

A Message For You

If you’re feeling especially lost or are in need of guidance, please know that within you, you already have the answers you are seeking. Using intuition is as natural as breathing. Your intuition is your connection to your soul, which is infinitely wise. This connection is sacred and personal, so everyone has a unique way of experiencing their intuition. When you learn your intuition’s unique language, you can receive guidance on any issue in the world directly from your soul.

Using your intuition can heal you, protect you, guide you, and put life into perspective. Without it, we’re all just treading water, but with it, we’re floating through life with ease.

Psychic readings are a wonderful way to validate your own connection. Think of psychic readings like a second opinion. My core intention is to encourage your own intuitive development. When you’re fully connected to your soul, you won’t need second opinions, divination tools like cards or pendulums, or crystals. You won’t even need a journal.

Authentic spirituality doesn’t require anything but you.

If you want to develop your intuition further or are in need of a second opinion, I would be honored to guide you.

With love,

Danyelle Simone

psychic medium, spiritual teacher, and friend





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